I’ve never ran to compete in my entire life before 2015. Not in high school, not at college, nothing. I didn’t even play any other sports, ever. I rarely ran more then 3 miles per week in training before that, just in order to stay in shape for the US Army PFT which always was my baseline fitness target. In 2014 I did a few races very casually and just for fun. So anything I say about running comes from someone who is barely starting out in the sport of running and OCR.

I have served for about two years in the German Army Special Forces as a supporter when I was 17 years old and have hiked in the woods and mountains of Germany and Austria long before and after my service. Coming from these endurance based activities, I was excited to discover GORUCK in 2013. I got hooked and did endurance events in several countries in Europe and when I moved to San Diego in 2014, I continued to do so.

My first OCR was the first Tough Mudder in Germany ever in 2013, followed by the first Spartan Race in Germany ever in 2014. At that time, carrying heavy things for a long time was still my passion, but that changed when I did my first Spartan Race event in the US: the HH12HR in Temecula, California.

Suddenly Spartan Race had to offer not only endurance, which I’ve already loved, but also the speed and competition, which I got excited about during the HH12HR as well. I’ve never competed in anything ever before and just didn’t consider it’s something I could potentially do well at.

It was only fitting that January 2015 started out my journey as competitive runner in Temecula as well. The OCR community, the great athletes and camaraderie, the challenging terrain and obstacles, the variety of OCR events and their individual differences, all of it has made me a better athlete and person.

I’m humbled and grateful for everything I experienced so far and can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

March 2017: This will be updated soon, so much has happened and I’m stoked to share it!